Oort Digital - fresh idea to use NFT

Have you heard about the Oort Digital project before? If not, I encourage you to read the text below.

Oort Digital brings a fresh idea to use NFT tokens that will make it a great home and command center for your precious NFTs you hold.

For example.
You have a game character in the form of an NFT token. There is a price in the character, you think it will grow in value, so it is a pity to sell it, so you keep it on a virtual shelf where it gets dusty. Unfortunately, you don’t have time to play and gain character experience and collect new equipment for it. Because of this situation, your character stands still and does not develop, which is why other players chase him.

What can you do then?

Sell ​​it or hold it without doing anything with it.

You don’t have time to play, remember, right?

But fortunately, we have others where Oort Digital comes to the rescue.
A home for your NFT where you can lend your character to someone else for compensation for you. Additionally, your character will develop thanks to the person who borrowed it from you and has time to play. A win-win situation.

I was curious? I hope so, so I recommend you follow @OortDigital twitter for more and learn a lot more.



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