Waves Ducks game strategy

3 min readJul 4, 2021


Hello readers,
in this article I would like to introduce you to my Waves Ducks game strategy.

As a person not having funds to invest in the crypto world,
I adopted a strategy that was possible in this project — active participation in promoting the game.

How can I get started in the game without investing money?
Here you have to thank the creators of the game who adopted a friendly model of encouraging participation in the game by performing various actions. Quality content created by participants participating in the competitions is rewarded by sending the $EGG tokens to their addresses. This token is the base of Waves Ducks game, it is where it all starts.

Can I still start without my own investment?
Of course, the creators of the game frequently add competitions where we are rewarded with $EGG for quality content.

Back to my strategy I was able to find out about the game early on and get active before it even goes live. It gave me an edge, but don’t worry, it’s still worth starting.
By participating in competitions, I managed to get three ducks. One of them was raised from breeding and now this duck is making fresh $EGG for me.

I reasonably manage $EGG to get the best out of it.

What is my game strategy look like?
First and foremost, follow the project’s social media. For a quick reaction, I set myself a notification about new posts.

Thanks to the notification, you have a chance to react faster when the creators add a new duck, thus lowering the cost of hatching the duck in exchange for $EGGs.

Yes, I am currently watching closely when new duck will be added to hatch.
Then, according to the rules of the game, the amount of $EGGs needed to hatch a new duck will drop.
Thanks to this, my Ehanaoce duck with a new hatched duck will breed for me a more rare duck which I will put on a new perch so I get more $EGGs from farm.

There is a risk of hatching a duck whose genes my Ehanaoce may already have. Risk of hatching a Chad duck. (Chad + Elon = My Ehanaoce).
Then I will simply put this duck on sale after it disappears from the incubator and will be highly desirable on the market. Especially when has the possibility to breed it will be even more valuable.

Another way out of the situation is to wait when in the incubator will not be available Chad duck.

Cannot forget about the approaching…

…”duck rebirth” feature.

That’s why I HODL my sterile genesis ducks.
You can learn more about this feature on the Waves Tech profile:

At the moment, I’m not monetizing the game, I’m collecting $EGGs, hatching ducks, waiting for new features. Because I know that the ducks and $EGGs will only be more valuable and desirable with time.

Finally, I encourage you to play, it’s worth it.
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